Registration in Turkish Scholarship 2022 free of charge and admission requirements

Registration in Turkish Scholarship 2022 free of charge and admission requirements.

Turkish Scholarship 2022 | The Turkish bursary is one of the most adequately funded bursaries sought by thousands of students every year. Turkey 2022 scholarship covers all subjects and all levels of study (Bachelor, Master and PhD).

The Turkish Grants Authority is responsible for monitoring Turkey’s 2022 Scholarship and is directly supported by the Turkish government’s cooperation with Turkey’s best universities, many of which are among the top 100,000 universities in the world.

Details of the Turkish Scholarship 2022:

The Turkish bursary is one of the easiest bursaries that students can get, “if you follow the submission steps correctly and choose a university with a higher chance of admission and interest in letters of intent and recommendation letters” to increase the admission rate to 5,000 students per year.

The grant is available to admitted students:

The scholarship is fully funded “free” at one of Turkey’s best universities.
Accommodation costs: The Grant Board shall pay for the full stay of the student for the duration of his or her studies. “Accommodation shall be free of charge and shall include accommodation and daily meals.”
Travel costs: The student gets free air tickets from his country to Turkey and vice versa until he returns home.
The grant provides the opportunity to study Turkish free of charge for one year.
Transport and transportation costs. The Turkish Government provides a transport card for each student to use public transportation at symbolic prices.

Health insurance:

The student is entitled to free health insurance for the duration of school.

Monthly salary:
The student receives a monthly salary, the value of which varies according to the school level, as follows:
Researchers receive 300 Turkish lire/month.
– The doctoral student receives TL 1,400 per month.
– The master’s student receives 950 Turkish lire/month.
– A bachelor’s student receives 700 Turkish lire per month.
Accommodation allowance. The grant provides admitted graduate students with an opportunity to receive a material “accommodation allowance” for the family in case the student is married and has children.

Registration in Turkish Scholarship 2022 free of charge and admission requirements

Terms of the Turkish scholarship :

The student applying for the scholarship must not have been compared to a Turkish university or obtained Turkish citizenship as a second nationality.
A student can apply for the next stage if he or she has already graduated or is about to graduate from the current stage.

First: Application requirements for bachelor’s degree
The cumulative total of the student shall not be less than 70%.
The age of the student shall not exceed 21 years.

Second: Requirements for submission to the master’s degree
The applicant shall have at least 75% bachelor’s rate.
The age of the applicant shall not exceed 30 years.

Third: PhD application requirements
The applicant shall receive at least 75% master’s rate.
Not to exceed 35 years of age.

Registration in Turkish grant 2022
Papers required for submission:

  • Certificate of General Secondary School and a certificate of grade rate.
  • A secret passport or personal card.
  • Personal image (background required to be white or blue).
  • The certificate for the previous stage (if you intend to study the master’s degree, the bachelor’s degree will be offered; And so on.
  • Letter of motive (intentions)
  • Letter of recommendation (2)
  • Some Turkish universities require the passing of tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, YDS, GRE, GMAT.
  • Important note: All papers must be translated into Turkish or English.

Evaluation of grant management of applications is divided into two phases (results of Turkish grant) Türkiye Bursları:

one :

They range from two to four months and focus on the academic performance of the student based on the degrees mentioned in his or her degrees and the overall rate up to the last semester.


It’s to look at the student’s plan, the subject that plans to study the student’s language skills, and the letter of intent that we give you in an academic format that distinguishes your file. When presenting our way

Universities available for Turkish Scholarship:

The list of universities with a Turkish grant includes more than 120 Turkish universities, including approximately 10 private universities and 112 state universities. In both cases, the study is free and “fully funded” and the accepted student enjoys all the advantages of the above-mentioned grant.

List of private universities from the Turkish scholarship site:

( Başkent University – Atılım University – Fatih Sultan Mehmet University – Kadir Has University – Koç University – Yeditepe University ).

Turkish scholarship specialties:

The specialties of the Turkish grant include all the specialties available at Turkish universities involved in the grant, including medical sciences, engineering sciences, applied sciences, arts, humanities, business administration, economic sciences, information, political and legal sciences, Islamic sciences of technology, computer sciences, arts, and many other disciplines such as physical therapy and orthopaedics.


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