Opportunity to get €2,000 in the essay-writing Competition | Presented Now

Opportunity to get €2,000 in the essay-writing Competition | Peter Drucker Foundation.

You want to win €2000 ? We offer you a chance to get 2,000 euros in the essay-writing competition, the opportunity presented by the Peter Drucker Foundation, for 2022.

What are you waiting for? Now, by identifying the details below, You have a chance to get €2,000.

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Venue of the competition :

Online , in case you win you’ll travel to Austria .

Donor :

Peter Drucker Foundation.

Foundation Profile :

The Peter Drucker Foundation provides a great place for entrepreneurship, individual dignity and self-management. More details are provided about the Peter Drucker essay contest below, so make sure you read the article to the end.

Theme of the competition :

The competition deepens the issue of the current administration, usually relevant to the theme of the Forum, and places it within the human-centred management theory of Peter Drucker. The work of contemporary society depends on the functioning of its institutions. As Peter Drucker said half a century ago, institutions, universities, hospitals, research institutes, trade unions, government and other civic groups are carrying out their vital functions.

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States available for submission :

All CountriesOf The World.

Important Notes:

  • The competition does not require an English certificate when submitting.
  • Presentation available to all nationalities.

Characteristics and funding:

The Peter Drucker competition will present the following awards:

  • The first winner will receive a cash prize of €2,000.
  • The silver winner will receive a cash prize of €1,200
  • The bronze winner will receive €10000.
  • The winners will also receive a certificate containing the rank of the winner.
  • Tickets and hotels abroad for the Forum.

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Conditions for submission?

  1. People from all countries can submit.
  2. Participants must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  3. To participate as a student, manager or entrepreneur, applicants must submit one article (please indicate your main function in the presentation form).
  4. Participants must be part-time or full-time students (BA, MBA, MBA or PhD)
  5. Or they’re looking for a first job after the previous grade.

Required Files :

The following document must be processed:

  • An article of 1500 to 30000 words in English only.
  • The subject of the article “Twards A Pacific Economy.”
  • The size of the font is “12.”
  • Don’t write your name in the article at all.

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How to present?

  • Submit online through the Apply Now .
  • Record your data and attach the article.

Deadline for submission :

14 May 2022.

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