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Hungarian Government Scholarship 2022 one of the most popular government Scholarship funded entirely for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies.

The Hungarian Government Grant, also called the “Hungarian Government Grant, Hungarian Government Grant,” provides opportunities for students from different countries to complete their studies in the State of Hungary.

The grant is fully funded by providing for all costs of study, housing and living throughout the course of study in Hungary. Students from various States having diplomatic relations with Hungary can be offered the grant.

In this article, we will present the comprehensive submission guide for the Government of Hungary’s 2022 grant, including the available specialties and the terms of the grant.

Benefits of the Hungarian Government Scholarship :

Students receiving the Hungarian Government Grant 2022 receive many benefits throughout the course of study. These include:

  • Full exemption from university tuition and enrolment fees.
  • Health insurance.
  • Monthly salary (€120) for bachelor’s and master’s students.
  • Doctoral students receive a monthly salary of 390 euros in the first phase and 500 euros in the second phase.
  • free university housing or financial support to contribute to housing costs.
  • A preparatory year for learning Hungarian in case the study was in Hungarian.

Types of the Government of Hungary Scholarship:

The following table shows the types of scholarships awarded and the duration of each programme:

Applications are only accepted for bachelor’s, master’s, master’s, one-level (post-secondary) and doctoral programmes

Scholarship type in Hungary :

Scholarship type in Hungary Duration (academic year)
Bachelor’s programmes 2 – 4
Master’s degree 1.5 – 2
One-tier master’s degree 5 – 6
Doctoral degree 4

In addition to the above programs university students can apply for a Hungarian scholarship to study at a Hungarian university for 1-2 semesters. This category of grants is called “cultural exchange grants.”

what is One-tier master programmes :

It is a single-level program consisting of 10 to 12 semesters, offered after high school, this type of program is offered for medical, legal and engineering disciplines.

In the Hungarian education system, one-level master’s programs cover both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a major undivided program resulting in a master’s degree.
These single-level programs are offered in specific fields of study such as general medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, architecture, law, veterinary surgery, forest engineering, and more.

Terms of the Hungarian Government Scholarship 2022

The Hungarian Government Scholarship Authority 2022 has declared a number of conditions to be met by the applicant, including:

  • The applicant must not be of Hungarian nationality or hold the status of “temporary protection” or “asylum.”
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years.
  • The recipient of the galactic grant cannot submit again.
  • Meet the requirements of the university to which it intends to apply.

    Note : Note: All students applying for the PhD program must have a supervisor at the host university.

Eligible nationalities for the Hungarian grant
All citizens of States having diplomatic relations with Hungary have the right to award scholarships.

Stipendium Hungaricum relies on active bilateral educational cooperation
and agreements with States friendly to Hungary.

Below we will list the Arab States eligible for the Hungary Scholarship .

First: Full-time programmes:

  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Iraq
  • Palestine
  • Algeria
  • Sudan
  • Yemen
  • Kuwait
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • Tunisia
  • Lebanon

Hungarian cultural exchange programmes:

  1. Morocco
  2. Lebanon
  3. Syria
  4. Yemen

    Note : The Hungarian grant programme is implemented through direct cooperation with the above-mentioned countries, and the grant does not require any additional fees.

Specialties of the Government of Hungary Scholarship 2022 :

International students can apply to 31 Hungarian higher education institutions for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year with over 350 programs abroad (over 300 in English).

Courses are generally available in English and Hungarian, with some programmes also offered in German and French.

You have access to available study programmes and host institutions in the Hungarian grant system.

Important observation: Applicants can choose two specialties in either one or more universities, with the first selection having the preference of selection.

Stages of submission of the Hungarian Scholarship 2022 :

The process of submission of the Hungarian grant is in several stages and lasts for about one full year, through which the transition from one stage to another is made.

The method of submission of the Government of Hungary Scholarship 2022 is in the following stages:

  • Presentation through the Hungarian grant system and the institution represented in your country.
  • Technical examination and nomination process.
  • Sending kisses from college.
  • The results of the Hungarian grant were announced at the end of June 2021.
  • Visa application process.
  • Access to Hungary.

Main submission documents for the Scholarship :

  1. Online application form.
  2. Motive message.
  3. Proof of language proficiency and translations in the language of the selected curriculum or in Hungarian.
  4. Degrees and grades are recorded in the language of the curriculum or in Hungarian.

How to present the Hungarian Scholarship 2022?

  • All applications for the Hungarian grant must be made through the Internet application system of Tempus Public Foundation. After registration, applicants can access the submission system and download the required documents.

  • Please note that no applications will be accepted without submission via the Internet and after the deadline. There are no paperwork required.
  • After the submission process has been completed, initially admissible applications are sent to the responsible body in your country (e.g., the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • The responsible institutions then nominate a number of names on the sent list and the candidates are sent to Hungarian universities to complete the admission process.

Submission dates for the Hungarian Scholarship 2022:

Deadline for submission of the grant = 15/01/2022

Programmes available in the grant : HERE

* You can access the official links for the presentation below.

How to present the Hungarian Scholarship 2022?

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