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Fulbright Scholarships 2022 In United States | Fully Funded

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Fulbright Scholarships One of the most coveted honors in the world is the Fulbright Scholarship. Despite this, more than a million kids do not even apply! What is the explanation for this? It’s a lengthy application process that many people don’t have time to complete.

What would it be like to study with students from all around the world? How much more engaging would your classes be if they were more intriguing? How much more useful would American school certificates become?

Imagine having everything you need to apply for the Fulbright Scholarship right at your fingertips! There are almost 4000 scholarship opportunities each year. The U.S. Fulbright scholarship Program is Funded by the Government of the USA.

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Almost all academic subjects and backgrounds are eligible for the award; you can apply if you come from any academic background and study any academic discipline.

The US Fulbright Scholarship is unique in that it is fully funded and covers nearly all of your expenditures. GRE is required by the students (Graduate Record Examination). Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees have different eligibility requirements.

A bachelor’s degree, or a bachelor’s plus master’s degree, is necessary for master’s students. An accredited university requires 16 years of education. Recent Bachelor’s degree grads are strongly encouraged to apply; except for Public Policy/Administration applicants and M.B.A. students, all applicants must have two years of experience.

Fulbright Scholarships Details:

  • Host Country: United States of America.
  • Scholarship: USEFP Fulbright Scholarship for Master and Ph.D. 2022.
  • Eligibility:  internationals are eligible to apply.
  • Degree Programs: Masters and Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded.
  • Deadline: October 2022.

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Financial Coverage in Fulbright Scholarships:

The Fulbright Degree Scholarship Funded by the United States Department of State. The Following Expenses will be covered.

  • Full Tuition Fee
  • Textbooks Provided
  • Return Airfare Ticket
  • A living stipend
  • Health Insurance
  • Visa Fees
  • A Computer and Settling-in allowance.
  • Fulbright awards enable grantees to live at the same standard as most American graduate students.

Available Academic Fields of Fulbright Scholarships 2022 In United States:

  • All Disciplines are eligible except for clinical Medicine.
  • Fields of Energy.
  • Education.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Environmental science/studies.
  • Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Water, Agriculture.
  • Public Health.
  • Arts and Culture.
  • Management including heritage conservation and museum studies.
  • Urban and regional planning.
  • Security/peace studies.
  • Data science.

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Eligibility Criteria for Fulbright Scholarships :

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail of this Scholarship for their study in the US.    

  • For the master’s degree program Applicant, a four-year bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor’s and Master’s combination totaling 16 years of formal education from an accredited university.
  • Recent graduates are strongly encouraged to apply, except for MBA and Public Policy/Administration applicants, who require 2 years of work experience.
  • For the Ph.D. Degree program applicant, a Master’s, MPhil, or comparable degree (a minimum of 18 years of formal education) from an accredited university.
  • It is highly desirable that candidates have work experience in teaching, research, or the public sector in Pakistan.
  • For both the master’s and Ph.D. Degree programs, all academic disciplines are eligible, except clinical medicine.
  • This year you can apply without GRE :), Apply Now, don’t waste your time.
  • Applicants must also possess a high level of fluency in spoken and written English. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) will be required from all the selected candidates.

Procedure to Submit Application for a Fulbright Scholarships:

Here is how you can submit a complete application for a Fulbright scholarship competition for the 2022 academic year:

  • Navigate to the country-specific Fulbright scholarship official website.
  • A Fulbright Scholarship Online application link below
  • Three reference recommendation letters
  • Your GRE score report
  • Study plan or research proposal
  • Scanned transcripts, including an explanation of the grading scale of the university issuing the degree, should be uploaded.
  • Please note that attested documents are preferable with the application, but degree and transcripts attested by the issuing authority will be accepted at the time of application.

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Steps for Applying for Fulbright Scholarship :

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